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Professional lawn mowing services can provide blossoming trees and plants that make your lawn attractive. These essential lawn elements get the refresh look it needs for a vibrant and flourishing yard that you and your family will love with proper care and attention.


On the other hand, severe storms and extreme weather can damage your trees and plants. At El Paso’s Best Landscapers, we can provide you the best landscape management program that includes weed prevention, fertilization, and more.

In this write-up, we will dwell on putting special care and attention to your plants to survive extreme weather conditions.




Proper Fertilization


Plants need all the nutrients it can absorb for it to grow strong and fight off diseases. Your plants need proper fertilization, the same as your lawn for sturdier growth. Our expert gardeners are familiar with the fertilization process and know what plants need to flourish. You must bear in mind that too much fertilizer can burn your plants’ roots, making it weak and vulnerable to diseases. With us providing attention to your plant’s fertilization, they can achieve their full growth potential. 




Your plants, as well as your yard, need the right watering approach. Always water deeply, not just the top turf, once every week. It is better to water in the morning to avoid fast evaporation so the water can penetrate your plants’ roots. Be cautious that the amount of water will depend on the plant’s type and the soil it’s planted. There are drought-tolerant plants, and overwatering them can damage your plants. On the other hand, you can see signs of dehydration on plats with wilting or yellowing. When you see these signs, your plants need water.


Landscaping Near Me Employing Proper Pruning 


Pruning your plants is essential to encourage new growth. Remove broken limbs or branches by pruning comes summertime. Pruning can help plants increase air circulation and promote growth. 


Weed Prevention


Eliminating weeds is an effective way of caring for your plants. These unwanted weeds, if unchecked, can thrive and displace plants with the water and nutrients in the soil. Mulching is another approach to get rid of weeds and eliminate them from further destroying your beautiful lawn. 




Disease and Pest Control


Unchecked pests and diseases will become vain all your hard work and care to maintain an attractive lawn. When pests thrive in your yard, it does not just put your plants in great danger but also can cause a hazard to the home dwellers, which is a no-no in lawn care and maintenance. Also, some pests are known as carriers of disease from plants to other plants. Employing proper lawn care is a must to protect your plants and your lovely lawn. 


With these lawn management programs that El Paso’s Best Landscaper can provide to you, rest assured you can reap the rewards of caring for your plants. Relish your blossoming plants and brighten up your day, knowing you have enjoyed the hard work to have attractive plants thriving on your lawn.